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Have you lost your job or had your hours reduced due to Covid-19? Are you unsure how you are going to pay your rent? We understand that our town thrives on tourism and a lot of jobs in our local area have been effected by Covid-19. This is a tough time for everyone, no one is alone in this chaos. We are here to help our tenants and property owners to make it through this difficult time.

We encourage our tenants to keep open communication with our leasing team during this time, so that we can work with our tenants and owners to come to an agreement that suits everyone involved. If you can’t pay your rent due to Covid-19, you need to let us know. Help us help you. We all need to work together to get through this.

The first thing to do if your job is effected by Covid-19 is to contact Centrelink and apply for the Job Seeker payment:

Next, you need to contact our leasing team to keep them informed, so that they can report back to the owner of the property. It is important to keep in mind that a lot of our property owners are also experiencing job loss due to Covid-19, so we need to keep them informed as much as we can. Again, we are all in this together.

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The leasing department will then provide the tenant with a Hardship Application to fill out and return to us, which will request proof that the tenant’s job has in fact been effected by Covid-19. When the tenant fills out this Hardship Application, they will have the ability to request a temporary rent reduction due to their current circumstance. Once we receive this Hardship Application back from the tenant and it is completely filled out, we will then contact the property owner to request the rent reduction. It is up to the property owner if they accept this temporary reduction or not. Or the property owner can come back with a counter offer with a different rent reduction that suits them better. At the end of the day, we will work together to come to an agreement between the tenant and property owner. We encourage our property owners to do anything they can to keep their properties tenanted during this time.