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Residents Encouraged To Prepare Now For Cyclone Season

By Ray White Whitsunday

The official cyclone season is upon us and Whitsunday Regional Council is encouraging residents
to be prepared.
Every year between November and April, the coastal regions of Queensland are at risk of being hit
by cyclones. Preparing your family and your home is your responsibility. Cyclones can produce
winds in excess of 200km/h, which can cause excessive damage to property and turn debris into
dangerous missiles.
Mayor and Chair of the Whitsunday Disaster Management Group, Andrew Willcox, said that now is
the time for residents to begin their preparation, rather than leave it to the last minute.
“Being prepared early is essential and the first step to being prepared for cyclones is to look no
further than your own backyard,” Mayor Willcox said.
“One of the greatest potential dangers during a cyclone event is flying debris, so I encourage
everyone to look around their yards and properties and see what can be put away or removed,” he
Some of the measures people can take in preparation include:
 Trim any branches overhanging your house
 Clear your property of loose material that could blow about, hold water and possibly cause
injury or damage. This is also important to prevent breeding grounds for mosquitoes and will
help prevent Dengue Fever
 Check the condition of your roof and repair any loose tiles, eaves, loose iron and roof screws
 Fit shutters or metal screens to all glass areas
 Have a cyclone emergency kit on hand
 Ensure that home and contents insurance covers you for storm surges, flooding and cyclone
 Undertake an audit of your outdoor furniture and consider what would need to be moved
should a cyclone warning be issued
 Residents are reminded that they can dispose of waste up to 2 cubic metres at Kelsey Creek
Landfill, Cannonvale Transfer Station, Bowen landfill or Collinsville Transfer Station free of
Mayor Willcox also said that each home should be fully prepared with an emergency kit that will
ensure all persons can be self-reliant for food, water, cooking, medications and other essentials for
a period of three days or more.
This should include a portable radio, a torch, spare batteries, first aid kit, non-perishable food, sturdy
gloves, water proof bags, candles, matches, essential medications, copies of important documents
(insurance details, birth certificates, prescription refills etc), special food and medication for infants
elderly or disabled family members and a portable gas cooker in the event of long term power
PO Box 104 Proserpine Qld 4800 P: 07 4945 0200 F: 07 4945 0222 E: W: ABN 63 291 580 128
To keep up to date with information relating to current disaster events, residents are encouraged to
visit our new Disaster Dashboard, your one-stop-shop for
Council also encourages residents to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ the Whitsunday Disaster and Emergency
Information Facebook page.

Source: Whitsunday Regional Council.

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