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Plans For Jaw-Dropping Resort At Shingley Beach Unveiled

By Paige Miller

A development application for a massive resort complex on Shingley Dve has been submitted to the Whitsunday Regional Council.

Shingley Beach Resort

Photo: One Whitsunday Developments Pty Ltd

Lavish plans for a massive resort complex at Shingley Beach have been revealed, with the proposed development including jaw-dropping features such as a rooftop bar, multiple pools and water slides.

One Whitsunday Developments Pty Ltd has submitted a development application to the Whitsunday Regional Council for the project.

The plans include 107 units, multiple bars, shops, function facilities and indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, as well as terraces and villas.

The 14-level building will be located at 125-131 Shingley Dve with the application noting it will have a range of uses and most of them will be solely for in-house guests.

The proposal describes the future of the Whitsundays, in 2036 and beyond, as a location that is prosperous, liveable and sustainable.

“The proposal will contribute to providing a development where people will live, work, play and invest due to the mix of uses and range of accommodation types,” it states.

“The proposal will assist in providing a positive contribution towards the tourism sector by providing a resort complex facility which will contribute to the local economy by way of visitation to the area, employment opportunities and support for local business and trade.”

Shingley Beach Resort

Plans include swim-up terraces. Photo: One Whitsunday Developments Pty Ltd

The application notes the site is affected by landslide hazards, but a slope stability report created for the development and its design will ensure people and property are protected.

The development would climb to 53.6m, which towers above the maximum building height of 12m.

But the proposal notes there are varying ground levels across the site.

A report into vantage viewpoints from landmarks and commuter corridors indicated there would be moderate to no impact.

Shingley Beach Resort

The complex would include 14 levels. Photo: One Whitsunday Developments Pty Ltd

The applicants also plan to use construction materials and exterior finishes to mitigate the visual impact.

“The proposal is designed to attract a premium operator for the facility,” the plans state.

“In order to achieve the economic sustainability of the development, the increase in building height is required.

“There is no known land available within the region which is zoned correctly to accommodate such a project.

“This proposal will provide for a destination to ensure ongoing economic benefits to the Whitsunday region by drawing events and visitors all year round, particularly with the function and exhibition space.”

Shingley Beach Resort

Plans include a rooftop bar on level 14. Photo: One Whitsunday Developments Pty Ltd

The application concludes that it demonstrates the development is consistent with the 2017 Whitsunday Regional Planning Scheme and should be approved with reasonable and relevant conditions.

At the start of February, the council sent a letter to the developers to confirm the application was properly submitted.

The council flagged public notification would be necessary for the project and the notification period had to be at least 30 business days.

The applicants need to notify the assessment manager of the intended start date of public notification.

Shingley Beach Resort

The development would be located at Shingley Beach. Photo: One Whitsunday Developments Pty Ltd

Source: Whitsunday Times

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