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Battle for the seat of Whitsunday remains

By Mark Beale

IN JUST three weeks, they have run a marathon campaign but the finish line is far from near for two Whitsunday candidates.

LNP’s Jason Costigan was sitting just ahead of Labor’s Bronwyn Taha yesterday, with only about 80 votes separating the two.

In a written response, Mr Costigan said: “It’s still a waiting game to see how the cards fall but in Whitsunday, it appears we have our noses just in front. I’m not going to sugar coat it – the Government has copped one helluva touch-up, but going by the figures I’ve seen, we actually did okay here, especially under the circumstances .”

Ms Taha said it could be days before the winner was announced.

“Some of the booths they will probably have to recount,” she said.

“I know we won Eimeo and Bucasia. They were the ones we were really concerned about.”

At Labor’s supporters party, former Member of Mackay Tim Mulherin made mention of the 1989 election, where Labor’s Lorraine Bird won by just 12 votes to take the seat of Whitsunday.

Ms Taha said her husband, Darin, and children, Aiden and Sasha, had given her wonderful support.

“Worst comes to worst and I lose, I know I can say that I have done my best. I have put every bit of energy into this campaign,” Ms Taha said. “And if I win, I am really looking forward to serving Whitsunday.”

Ms Taha said she would have an open ear ready for residents if elected.

“They can come in and talk to me and I will listen and acknowledge their concerns,” she said.

“That’s the main thing. That is what has been missing for the last three years.”


  •  Jason Costigan, LNP: 11,428
  •  Bronwyn Taha, Labor: 10,138
  •  Kylee Stanton, PUP: 3352
  •  Tony Fontes, Greens: 1632
  •  Dan Van Blarcom, Independent: 839
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