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6-11-14 Hi Ellen,

Now that we have completed and all the craziness has settled, we just wanted to say a huge thankyou for everything.

12 houses in 2 days; a flying trip from work in the Hunter Valley; and George on crutches, we had quite a task. Meeting you was a delight, and reassuring as you presented us with a bound, sequential listing of all the properties we were to view! As you guided us, your up-beat, sunny and positive personality made the whole process easy. Nothing was a problem. You even added extra properties – proving your unfailing dedication and stamina!

Torn between finding a home to eventually move into; a practical rental in the meantime; and with differing tastes, we had a challenge. Though a ‘return to home’ for me, this is our first house buying venture together. Unfamiliar with the QLD purchasing process, you patiently led us through, making it all as painless as possible. Refreshing too is your ‘no pressure’ approach, not just selling us a property, but providing options, advice, and a pragmatic, objective viewpoint. The result: a balanced home / investment, best fitting our needs and budget.

Your honesty, frankness, professionalism; vast range of contacts; knowledge and industry nous are impressive – though you are completely personable. Remarkable throughout the entire process is the way you answer phone calls / e-mails immediately, and unknown questions / research the same day. It was as though we were your only client!

With the sale complete, Ellen, you handed us over to the Ray White Property Management team to rent out our precious home. Initially Jo and now Sandy have followed up with your enthusiasm, good humour, and professionalism, explaining the process, and carefully finding us the right tenants.

It has been a pleasure, and we’d like to say thankyou to you and the whole team! We feel we are in capable hands, cannot recommend you enough, and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship in the future!

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,

Marnie Bernard & George O’Connor

To Whom it may concern,

When I first met Stephanie Bacon I was dubious. In my experience, property managers tended to be frazzled, forgetful and prone to contacting me with problems, rather than solutions. But from the first email, I could tell Stephanie was different. Innovative, efficient and fair, Stephanie walks the fine balance of protecting a tenant’s rights, but also keeping the landlord’s costs to a minimum. She is serious about her work, but light hearted when it comes to the execution of it, taking great pleasure in good service. But most importantly, she ensures that as an Australian living overseas, I know my house is in good hands. And that kind of trust is priceless.
Have a great weekend,
Hayley Hogan

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to provide a written recommendation for our property management department for the nonstop hard work and the continual strive to become a better team.

I am regularly stopped in the street or emailed with compliments from local owners complimenting our property management department. From the principals point of view there is such a difference between the old Ray White rentals and today’s rental department and it is a pleasure to spend time in the office with the team and not be harassed by staff or clients about rental issues. Our new to the industry staff are self sustainable and reliant on themselves and we can now concentrate on customer service and implementing new systems and procedures to make coming to work an even better experience.
The experience of our property managers is what makes the difference between Ray White and all the others. If you are planning to rent your property then you should call our team today on 07 4948 8509.

Principal, Mark Beale

Dear Manager

Our rental property manager is Erika Green and her service has been excellent, and excellent in every respect – some examples of her attributes, initiative, commonsense, attention to detail and recent good service are as follows:

she is very prompt, efficient and willing to act and follow-up, even on the difficult problems which others may find “too hard”,

she is easy to contact and/or her response to messages is excellent,

that ‘ordinary ants’ (unless there is a serious infestation) could possibly be controlled by the tenant with ant rid,

she acted inside fifteen minutes when I phoned about a council notice concerning long grass/lawn, by telephoning the tenant (who was absent but had left instructions etc), and subsequent ‘drive past’ etc etc

My wife and I are 3000 km away, and are residential investment property owners with 20 years experience(Qld and SA), and think that Erika excels in arranging satisfactory outcomes in a friendly but professional manner, of arrangements between (self- interested) landlords and tenants.

Yours faithfully

Phil Giffen (Mar 12)

Hi Mark,

I’m not sure if you are the correct person to contact, if not please forward this email to the relevant person.

I just wanted to email to say how pleased I am with the work of my property manager Erika Green. I have rented through Ray White for the past 9 or so months in two properties, Erika has been my property manager for both. As i’m sure your aware real estate offices do not have the best reputation with renters and as someone who has rented for 12 years it is usually with dread that I contact my property manager with any problems that arise in my rental.

However, this is not the case with Erika. She is always quick to reply to any queries I have and when I applied for another property with her the viewing, application approval, signing of the lease and moving in took only 4 business days. 4 days! I have never been made to feel as if I’m just another annoying renter and my last issue with my property was resolved in a matter of days, with Erika also updating me on the progress of this quiery via email. Just so you know, this NEVER happens.

I have already told Erika how appreciative I am of her efforts, but I thought you might also like to know. My sister and former flatmate also have Erika as a property manager and feel much the same way.


Louise Wildy (Mar 12)

Wow I can’t begin to thank the team at Raywhite for a fast transition to helping me get into a rental property in Cannonvale my family and myself Thank you all very much 🙂 🙂

Glen – Nov 2011

Stuart has been professional, prompt, efficient and diplomatic in all the normal responsibilities pertaining to the care of our little property, but has been exceptionally valuable to us in his intelligent and often lateral thinking efforts to deal with some of the more awkward positions he has found himself in,

Stuart has managed to maintain good relations with onsite managers , Body Corp ,ourselves & tradesman and his level headed but arms length dealings both WITH us and ON OUR BEHALF are a credit to him and to his employer and management team leadership. He has been exemplary in his focussed and expert attention to finding good tenants for our property when necessary and for innovative ways to deal with problems arising. We do hope Ray White Whitsundays is as appreciative of Stuart’s skills and professionalism as we now are! As I emailed to him recently, in our opinion he is ‘worth his weight in gold’!

Kind regards,

(Mrs) Robin Halliday (Nov 2011)

Hi Mark and Joanne
I just wanted to drop a quick email to give you some feedback on Bessie Simpson, a member of your team.

I will be moving from Sydney to Airlie Beach next month, and with the tight timeframe I have to work with, I only had a day and a half last week to squeeze in viewings of as many properties as possible.

I contacted your office earlier in the week and spoke with Bessie regarding one of the properties I had seen online. From the moment we started chatting, she was one of the most professional and courteous property agents I’ve dealt with. She responded efficiently and effectively to every query on every property !! When I finally got to meet her on Thursday I found her to be as friendly and warm in person as she was on the telephone. She made sure we went through the rental vacancy guide from top to bottom, she helped me narrow this down to a list of suitable properties and from that point we went to view as many as we could.

What impressed me was the fact that, even if I wasn’t going to be one of the highest paying tenants, she ensured that I got to see whatever properties would best suit my needs. And she understood that I had a very limited timeframe to do so. Now I’ve returned to Sydney, I feel comfortable in the fact that if we need to chat, she understands my needs, will do her best to accommodate and will tell me the truth 🙂

As a home owner myself, I wouldn’t hesitate in approaching Bessie to look after my property. She is an asset to your team!

Sep 2011

Sally-Anne Barker posted on your Wall (Aug 2011)

“I am so lucky Ray White Whitsunday have such wonderful staff always helping me out and always with a smile thanks so much Bessie Simpson and Elisha… Xx”

Danielle Hann has managed our Airlie Beach investment property with a refreshing “no fuss” and “nothing is a problem” approach. She has handled some difficult times for us with repairs and clean up following Cyclones Anthony and Yasi. She has handled the periodic inspections and renewal of tenancy with professional skill and is now taking every step required to relet at the end of the current lease. When your investment is thousands of kilometres away, you need a professional like Danielle to look after your interests.”


Sep 2011

Danielle is a concientious, hard working property manager. Time and again she has gone over and above what I expected from her, always with a cheerful and helpful manner. She organised a complete bathroom renovation at my investment property, dealing with the body corporate and the insurance company. All whilst I was overseas. She communicates in a timely manner and I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Sep 2011

I have always found Danielle professional efficient and helpful.
She always gets back to me quickly and goes out of her way to help and has provided me with lots of helpful advise and guidance.
20 Whitehaven has had it share of problems but she has handles these issues extremely well and I do not know how I would have coped with the current issues without her help.

Glad to recommend her to anyone

Regards John
Sep 2011

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for your fantastic management, all the task you resolved excellent, we are happy to have you.

All the best
Anna & Ted